Our Mission 

Taconic Music provides Southern Vermont communities with year round concerts, lessons, demonstrations, and educational programs built upon the rich traditions of classical music. Taconic Music offers inclusive points of entry through a variety of genres for people of all ages and walks of  life who value music as part of their daily lives. 

"It is said that past is prologue. If this is true, then you have joined us here at exactly the right time. Taconic Music has come to life to honor and embody the dedicated, human spirit of the great musicians who graced the concert stages and classrooms of Manchester for decades, while moving forward in broad embrace of the diverse musical tastes of the community in which we live. Classical music is our touchstone and will remain so. It is a nearly inexhaustible well of emotion and beauty. We will expand that universe even further with the inclusion of jazz, rock and many other musical points of view all throughout the seasons. Whether you are new to us or have followed our work for years, welcome to Taconic Music."  
— Ariel Rudiakov, Violist and Conductor
    Co-founder and Artistic Director

"My belief is that music is part of daily life and has been since the beginning of human kind. It isn't a luxury but a necessity. It is there for everyone, in its many forms: to celebrate or heal, to inspire or provoke, to touch our hearts and minds like no other art form. People are never too young or too old, never too rich or too poor to have music in their lives. Just let it in."
— Joana Genova, Violinist
    Co-founder and Artistic Director